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Christine Bennet is a writer of non-fiction with a special interest in women's history.  This has come from her History teaching background.

"There are so many women in history who have either been forgotten or never highlighted for the amazing things that they achieved.  I find it a fascinating area to write within."  Christine Bennet

When she is not writing, she likes to spend time in her garden, time with her pets and of course reading.  She lives in the mountains and loves to walk through them daily.

Check out her series "No Place For A Woman" with Best Selling titles, exploring both well know and not so well known women who inspire us and have changed our world in some way.

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Baddass Cowgirls and The Lady Bushranger

An intriguing and fun look 3 lady outlaws with spirit. We delve into the lives of 2 ladies from the Wild West - Belle Starr and Pearl Heart. Then we travel across the world to Australia and look into the life of the Lady Bushranger, Jessie Hickman. As my editor said “These chapters were a blast”.

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