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Tara Shelley

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Do you believe in Magic? 
Real Magic
Or are you at an age
past believing?

The Secret Spell Cover PNG.png

Unveil mysteries of Celtic runes in a summer of secrets, spells & and sorcery. Secrets this inquisitive teen unravels may reshape her world, but the true cost remains concealed.

Claim your FREE copy of this novella and find out what happens the summer before the Rune Academy.

The Witch of Algiz Curse_v13.jpg

Magic, friendship and destiny collide in the otherworld at the Rune Academy. Dreams awaken and the extraordinary magic begins.

Bri's life in Inverness was ordinary. Magic? It was a notion Bri had long dismissed and now she was at the Rune Academy with fast-found friendships.

As Bri grapples with her newfound identity as “The Witch of Algiz”, she feels the pulsating power of Runes beneath her fingertips, the cursed title creates palpable tension, with unspoken fears that she might use dark evil magic.   

The academy buzzes with uncertainty as she navigates this precarious path between light and shadow. Will Bri fall to the witch’s curse and be a danger to her friends and the academy?


Are you ready to believe in magic? Now is the time to get your copy. Feel the pulse of magic, the bonds of unexpected friendships, and the choices that will shape Bri’s destiny.

Embrace the magic that awaits within the pages of

“Rune Academy: The Witch’s Curse”.

Howl of the Bloodmoon_v5.jpg

As the Bloodmoon rises, a dark force targets the Rune Academy, threatening the bonds of magic and friendship.

Brianna, shaken by a vision of a stringless puppet, joins the ranks of the secretive Maoir with her friends. Their induction is soon overshadowed by a sinister werewolf attack near the academy, thrusting them into a mystery where trust is their only weapon against the encroaching darkness.

As the semester deepens, Brianna and her friends unravel layers of mystery and face mounting dangers. Their bonds are tested by a conspiracy rooted closer to home, spiraling them into a battle where loyalty and courage become their most powerful allies. Unbeknownst to them, these trials are but a prelude to an ancient phenomenon that will test their resolve like never before.

As mysteries unravel and dangers escalate, will the bonds of friendship and the strength of loyalty be enough or shatter under the Bloodmoon's curse? The fate of the Rune Academy hangs in the balance.

Now is the time to dare to follow where the moon leads and start reading your copy of "Howl of the Bloodmoon."

Healing The Fae_v2.jpg

In the heart of an enchanted academy lies a secret that could unravel two worlds.

When Brianna and her friends are thrust into a summer of unexpected dangers, magical mishaps, and dark revelations, their bond will be tested as never before. Attacked by mysterious foes and facing the betrayal of those they trusted, they must navigate a world where dark magic stirs and ancient feuds threaten to erupt.

As Aemylia battles her inner demons, spurred by her father's scorn, the group is drawn into the mystical lands of the Fae, where the Seelie and Unseelie Courts teeter on the brink of war. With the fate of both the Otherworld and their own hanging in the balance, they must confront their deepest fears and darkest secrets.

Will their journey forge them into heroes, or will it tear them apart? Dive into a tale of magic, mystery, and the power of friendship in this thrilling third installment of the Teen & YA Academy Fantasy series.

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